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A calm, serene child, attached to reality, begins to achieve his elevation through work.

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Yeong Beum Lee.

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 10 Steam Achievements. Share Embed. Add to Cart. With your "friend" Swimmy, a one-manned spaceship, you will escape from Megaquake and harsh natural conditions such as flood, blizzard and strong magnetic flux. You will navigate into abandoned cities to avoid touching the surface and head for the higher ground.

Aimer - Higher Ground『Composed by Taka (ONE OK ROCK)』

But don't worry. Your spaceship, Swimmy has numerous amazing modules to help you find a way to the extraction point. Test your driving skill from collapsing cities and devastating Earth environment. Good luck with your trip. Key Features 3D racing-like adventure.

You will drive a spaceship, "Swimmy" to navigate the skyline of the city. It has incredible speed and propulsion that allows you fly and jump above buildings.

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You have to travel further and faster to avoid death. Don't touch the ground. Surface is very unstable due to strong geomagnetic flux. Navigate with rooftops of buildings to avoid getting close to the ground. Ocean is also not safe to land since your spaceship will sink. Megaquake will destroy cities. If you delay, Megaquake will devastate everything including you and the city. You have to escape from the city before destructive L-wave catches you.

Enables your smartphone to send and receive messages over satellite

Buildings will likely fall and collapse on your way. Moreover, buildings will be destroyed randomly and unpredictable ways. Move faster, otherwise you will have no place to step on. Drive while you can.


Welcome To Higher Ground Foundation

Advanced Modules. Your spaceship is equipped with very high-tech modules, which is intended for space travel. Unlock your modules and use them effectively. Randomized City. In challenge mode, the map and weather will continuously change each time with preset difficulty. In campaign mode, random seeds are fixed so you can practice your basic navigation skills. See all.

Real-time communication from anywhere

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Higher Ground Gap Year | Pennsylvania

We are working to strengthen the capacity of young women, youth and children who are living at high risk circumstances Read More Support Us. Higher Ground Nepal. Crafts In , Higher Ground Crafts came into being as social enterprise. Through the Crafts business, we became self-sustaining, and are able to pour more resources Read More.

Community Development In Nepal, NGOs estimate that 10, to 15, Nepali women and girls are trafficked to India annually, while 7, children are trafficked domestically for commercial Read More. Cafe-Bakery At Higher Ground, we serve a variety of baked goods, specialty coffees, and breakfast, lunch and dinner. We give on-the-job training and employment opportunities to Read More.

From the Blog. Admin 20 November Building Sustainable Business Higher Ground envisions to restore the dignity of the people. Admin 11 May It's happening on.