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Pigs are frequently alluded to in folk art , idioms , metaphors , and proverbs , and also occasionally in parables e. Parable of the Prodigal Son. Domestic pigs that have escaped from urban areas or were allowed to forage in the wild, and in some cases wild boars which were introduced as prey for hunting, have given rise to large populations of feral pigs in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and other areas where pigs are not native. Accidental or deliberate releases of pigs into countries or environments where they are an alien species have caused extensive environmental change.

Their omnivorous diet, aggressive behaviour, and their feeding method of rooting in the ground all combine to severely alter ecosystems unused to pigs. Pigs will even eat small animals and destroy nests of ground nesting birds. Feral pigs like other introduced mammals are major drivers of extinction and ecosystem change. They have been introduced into many parts of the world, and will damage crops and home gardens as well as potentially spreading disease.

They uproot large areas of land, eliminating native vegetation and spreading weeds. This results in habitat alteration, a change in plant succession and composition and a decrease in native fauna dependent on the original habitat. Because of the biological similarities between each other, pigs can harbour a range of parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These include trichinosis , Taenia solium , cysticercosis , and brucellosis.

Pigs are also known to host large concentrations of parasitic ascarid worms in their digestive tract.

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Some strains of influenza are endemic in pigs. Pigs also can acquire human influenza. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the genus. For other uses, see Pig disambiguation. Temporal range: Early Pleistocene to recent. Further information: Pig farming. Pig 'oink'. Main article: Domestic pig. See also: Pigs in popular culture. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Environmental impacts of pig farming. See also: Swine influenza.

Retrieved 15 September The New York Times. Retrieved 15 April Fox News. Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved December 4, Animal Diversity Web. Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved July 31, North Carolina State University. Mayer and I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr. Pork Cares. Retrieved 27 January Pig skin is structurally similar to human epidermal thickness and dermal-epidermal thickness ratios.

Pigs and humans have similar hair follicle and blood vessel patterns in the skin. Biochemically pigs contain dermal collagen and elastic content that is more similar to humans than other laboratory animals. Finally pigs have similar physical and molecular responses to various growth factors. Daily Mail.

Veterinary Pathology. The Guardian. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Molecular Biology and Evolution. Bibcode : PNAS.. Business Standard India. Bibcode : Natur. Don't Shoot the Albatross! The Pig Site. List of pigs List of fictional pigs Piganino Pigasus politics " When pigs fly ". Category: Pigs. Extant Artiodactyla species. Suborder Ruminantia. Pronghorn A. Okapi O. Northern giraffe G. Anhui musk deer M. Water chevrotain H.

Indian spotted chevrotain M. Java mouse-deer T. Family Cervidae. Indian muntjac M. Tufted deer E. Fallow deer D. Chital A. Barasingha R. Eld's deer P. Hog deer H. Sambar R. Red deer C. Moose A. Water deer H. European roe deer C. Reindeer R. Taruca H. Red brocket M.

It all starts in the Kitchen Garden

Pampas deer O. Marsh deer B. White-tailed deer O. Family Bovidae. Abbott's duiker C. Blue duiker P.


Common duiker S. Roan antelope H. East African oryx O. Addax A. Upemba lechwe K. Southern reedbuck R. Impala A. Grey rhebok P. Hirola B. Topi D. Hartebeest A. Black wildebeest C. Tibetan antelope P. Family Bovidae subfamily Caprinae. Barbary sheep A. Takin B. Wild goat C. Japanese serow C. Nilgiri tahr H. Red goral N. Mountain goat O. Muskox O.

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Argali O. Bharal P. Pyrenean chamois R. Family Bovidae subfamily Bovinae. Four-horned antelope T. Nilgai B. Domestic water buffalo B. Banteng B.

Pigs | The Humane Society of the United States

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