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Because he doesn't want to pay he is put in prison where he meets a vagabond, Richard, who is in prison because he has no papers. The English snob realizes that having no money can cause injustice - because a poor man is never able to proof his innocence and his word doesn't count. So Bill changes his world view during his weeks in prison and finds a friend in Richard. He then takes this vagabond along to his rich family home ion London. Can a vagabond live in a rich home? A social novel about crosses social barriers. Published in in Switzerland by an Austrian author.

When a school friend of her died suddenly she started to think about her own life and put her life into Jesus' hands. She became a professional flower maker Blumenmacherin and often prayed for sick people. She then built a second house in order to accommodate all these people. She never told people not to take medications or not to go to a doctor.

She prayed for them with the laying on of hands. Then a jealous doctor indicted her that she was acting against the laws of medical personnel. But the court acquitted her because she never used any medication or made any therapies with the patients - more became well again than the doctors around could heal themselves November She herself became then ill during the typhus epidemic in Samuel Zeller then took on the institution and it became pretty famous. Thanks for the warning. My son has the pokemon go game and thought I start as well.

But I only like collecting these pokemons - the rest is of no interest to me, and I have no subscription on my cell phone, so I can only play when I have free net access. Well, at least I know how it looks like :. Inspector Rebus is called into a run-down house where there a corpse was found, apparently died on an overdose. But certain things are suspect and Rebus starts to investigate. He is finding a whole web of rich and influential people of Edinburgh who are not exactly law abiding.

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A good mystery but not the best of Rankin's. It is those who try to scam the host country, take benefits to which they're not entitled, or bad-mouth the host country who give all refugees a bad name. I think you are being very fair in what you say. In the end, it's really all about the individual refugee and that person's arrogance or humility which says it all. I've known both kinds of immigrants to the United States as well.

I don't know the answer to this issue, but it's not good to cast all immigrants as the "bad guy". You are so willing to try things! You were so great with reading manga Also, taking Biblical verses where God remembers us first the People of Israel, but also the Christians that we were all 'Fremdlinge' strangers and therefore should not suppress them. But the Law also makes it clear that those strangers living among the People of Israel had to obey the law of the land except the cultic laws. I think we today often make the mistake in this area where we consider our own laws applicable only to 'natives' and not for the refugees.

An interesting verse is Isaiah KJV The German talks of refugees. As far as I understand the OT laws I guess the refugees and outcasts were given food when hungry, clothes when naked, but then they had to work for their livelihood or move on. So, you are further into the game? Not just collecting? I don't get the rest I should ask my son, but I prefer reading books. A disturbing, thought provkoing and hope giving book.

A deaf young teenager is nearly killed by her father who shot at his family, she met Christians who taught her to trust God's love. She learnt the sign language and went to Israel to teach the deaf there. I didn't know that translating the sermon or Scripture on a Sabbath in a synagogue is forbidden because that is regarded as work, forbidden to do on a Sabbath. A American couple are called to serve in the frontier region of Tajikistan and help the refugees coming from Afghanistan.

A couple were living in Turkey when their child was born with Down syndrome. Through friends they were able to reach other parents with handicapped children who are regarded as a punishment of Allah in their environment , help them train and educate their children and bring them the Christian hope of love and forgiveness. The book gives also a lot of details and statistics about the fate in women in the world: prostitution, widow burning, marriage to the Koran in Pakistan where a young girl can be married to the Koran and then is locked away for the rest of her life , marriage for time in Iran a man can pay a fee and then a judge signs a marriage contract for this man with a woman for a few days only , female genital mutilation, honor killings, salvery, E-brides where one may buy a bride online Guests must behave properly, though!

It's a two-way street.

I am collecting Pokemon, but I'm also trying to train at the gym, which just happens to be my own Little Free Library of Twinbrook , which is located on my front lawn. Therein lies the problem with this game. I use Pokemon GO for walking. I try to walk miles per day by walking from Pokestop to Pokestop. This is the most exercise I've had in about a year! It's not the translation. It's the act of writing on Shabbat Sabbath. Your book sounds interesting I agree here wholeheartedly.

There are people here who only see the admonition to not bewray funny word the strangers - and not asking whether they are refugees and whether they behave as guests. I deleted my pokemon go. I realized that I was too much absorbed when walking and couldn't read anymore when riding on the tram. It was some fun but it became too time absorbing. So someone conducting a choir with hand signs is working?


Chapter Six An East German New Wave (1971–1980)

Sorry that I gave such a depessing impression by mentioning all the statistics of True grit. It is very encouraging to read the testimonies of these nine women telling their stories. So many of them had a bad start into life, found faith in Christ and then were able to be a blessing for others. I was tempted to flip over the statistical parts but then thought that it is good to have facts about what the situation of women are. And these facts are really depressing. Agreed that it is a time sink. For that reason, I never played video games for the past many years either on my own computer or on my phone.

I would think not. It is the actual performance of writing which is forbidden. In reality, only the very observant observe these laws strictly. More information about Shabbat prohibitions can be found here on the Chabad website. Thanks for the link. I will keep it in my mind for later. We had a model of the tabernacle here in Germany just over the border some years ago similar to the one in the Timna Park and I helped guiding people through the exhibition.

That was very fascinating. Smith and his guide travel further eastward on the Silk Road. But then he falls off his camel into the Aral Sea. Two girls help him out of the water and bring him home because he calls himself a medic. So he helps relocate a dislocated shoulder. The word spreads and the other day the town is filled with sick people who want to that doctor Then the story tells of the two girls, twins, who are eager to look for suitable husbands Bridget Monaghan has seven children but no husband and all children look very much alike some men from the little village in Ireland A humorous story about the growing up of these different children.

Paul is a free lance journalist when he gets the diagnosis 'cancer'. At the same time a new right wing party is winning local elections and is regarded as winning the national German elections.


The leader reminds Paul of his past during the Nazi time. The idea for this polit thriller is good, but the characters are flat. The philosophical discussions about politics, ethics and terminal illness are fine but the plot is week. Timm, 14, is living with his stepmother and quite unhappy but he has a very specific and positive way to laugh.

So one day a fine lord approaches him and offers him to be able to win each and any bet in return for his laughing. The boy wins every bet in the horse racing and gets reach - but he loses his laughter. But Timm wants his laughter back. A very good book not for children only: what is more important to be reach or to be able to laugh?

A book I read as a teenager ages ago and now enjoyed again.

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He meets former Estonians resistance fighters, collaborators, Chechens, and Russian Mafia people. The students seem not too much interested in his lectures and the faculty of the university shuns him. Each chapter plays in a different centuries from the Year-War till and gives historical insights about different, mainly theologians, important people of the time. A bit confusing at times but gives a lot of fascinating historical details. A well written Swiss historical novel.

A well known politician is found dead in his car, naked, death caused by a heart attack. Commissario Montalbano has the feeling that there is more to that and starts to investigate despite the pressure of the Sicilian politicians etc. A bit a weird case. The crime was not the death of the man but the circumstances of the finding of the corpse.

New to me Italian mystery series. Interesting title: the form of water - what form does water have in a jar, in a bottle, in the sea? A bit similar are people in different places: when found in such a place, they must have been doing that Did you read them all? Actually I love the audio books read by Grover Gardner so I like to listen to them.

Was soll ich tun? Das Klingeln des Telephons riss mich aus tiefstem Schlaf. When in Austria, I discovered three free 'telebookings' telephone booths full of free books. Now I have a brand new tooth the dentist didn't send the bill so far, so I still can smile. The 'Kellergassen' wine alleys are quite famous in Lower Austria. Some villages still have these alleys where the people dug cellars into the earth and made and stored and drank their own wine. So look out for the cat! Walter is unhappy married and dreams about killing his neurotic wife. She fells over a cliff - and he behaves so strange that the people start to believe he killed her.

A weird plot with manipulative characters and an unsatisfying ending. We were staying in a Presshaus a house for making and store wine -- front entry: cellar back entry: the flat -- the wine press the cellar when the house was built, they started with the cellar, then laid the base, put the wine press on it and then built the rest of the house. There is no way to get the press out of the house now without cutting it in pieces. A young girl is found unconscious in an elevator in a hotel in Zurich.

She was brought to the nearby private hospital of Dr. So This begins to investigate, he wants to find out where this girl came from and wants to help her to get her memory back. His first hint leads him to the prison in Lucerne A good story for young adults. Hey Paul The wine press building looks like a great place to visit. I would never guess from the outside that it had such a big practical cellar.

When planning the trip with the Austrian friends, I told them about Alfred Komarek and Eva Rossmann and their mysteries from that area. And so they had the idea to bring us to that house, owned by a policemen married to a speech therapist. When they came for the bill during our last evening there, we were asking to see the cellar. We were so impressed and did not save with compliments, so much so, that he offered us some of his wine and we drank 4 bottles of wine together 8 people all together.

Adrian Weynfeldt is the last of a very rich family, leading an orderly but sometimes boring life. Then one day he meets Lorena, a nice year-old-ex-model, who takes each day after the other and finds a protoector in Adrian whom she tries to hold out for financial reasons.

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Adrian is an art expert and works for an auctioneer. He knows the owner of the picture 'Femme nue devant une salamandre' by Felix Vallotton see cover below and who wants to sell it. A Swiss art thriller with some infos concerning Swiss art and auctioneering. Slow, but very interesting read. Judge Di Dee solves two historical mysteries. In the first a gibbon drops a golden ring with a gemstone and some blood on it in the garden of the Judge. They then found a corpse in a nearby shack in the forest In the second story the Judge travels ahead of his entourage when a flood destroys a bridge behind him.

He finds shelter in a land house but there are also the Flying Tigers, some bandits besieging this place Eine Villa mit dem Namen Mount Lodge. The whole of Gaul is occupied by the Romans, well, everything? No, a little village is still free and fights them. They have a secret which them strength and a Roman spy should find it out. Fun comic. I think it must be about time to revisit them. Majestic, the chief, agrees to a bet to cook a stew with leaves of Caesar's laurel wreath. So Asterix and Obelix are sent to Rome to get the spices The Romans succeed in setting the druid out of action and to hinder him making anymore magic potion.

So the Romans asks a Rome friendly Chief to challenge Majestix. When he wins, the whole tribe is obliged to follow the new ruler Clepatra and Julius Caesar bet that the Egyptians are too decadent to a palace as they used to in the past. But the Egyptian architect asks his friends from Gaul to help with the project.

So Asterix, Obelix and Miraculix travel to Egypt Asterix and Obelix are the best! Later on, the man sent us some leaflets He invited us to a Celtic event where he played the part of a druid! I hope you are doing well, with your wife and daughter in Korea. Keep reading!

Wife and daughter will return 13th September. I was bathing all the orchids yesterday, so I hope they look fresh and glorious when Suki sees them again :. A nephew of Majestix is sent to the village from Lutetia to learn life. He is captored by the Normans who are on an expedition to learn to fly - they know of no fear and therefore want to learn about fear which give wings A boy is steeling the lunches from other school kids.

His mother has been kidnapped and Commissario Montalbano is investigating. A spy-intrigue-mystery, with a bit of a love story between Montalbano and Livia The Romans want to take part in the Olympic Games in Olympia, and Asterix thinks that, since they belong to the Roman Empire, they can join the Roman team. But they are not allowed to make use of their magic potion Januar schwenkten von Basel her drei Schlitten ins Dorf Riehen ein, wie solche seit vielen Jahrzehnten in dieser Gegend nicht mehr anzutreffen sind.

A Chinese year-old girl is a very good baduk go player in Manchuria. She plays every day on the Place of the Thousand Winds. One day she meets a stranger who challenges her. They start to play not saying anything during the game. Every evening she notes the stones on a piece of paper and they continue the game the next day. Both do not know the other's name or anything else. But each can feel the soul of the other through the game. And all happens during the Japanese attack on China A very sensitive, poetic but depressing novel. Two souls suffering, each finding life and purpose in playing go.

A tale of love, trust, betrayal and war, and some good mention of the game go in Japanese, baduk in Korean. Technocratus, a Roman delegate, has a good idea how to occupy the rebel Gauls with something else: Gold. So he asks Obelix to sell him menhirs. And Obelix gets greedy, stops hunting wild boars, employs some people to help him and spends his money on things he has no use for. Modern economics A baby is left outside of Asterix's hut. Whose baby is it? And why are some Romans hunting it. I finally caught up here. Great photos from Vienna. I love the charm of this city. Oh my goodness, you got such a lot of books or are these older ones and you haven't catalogised them?

Did you had a 'Stiftzahn' before or is it your first one? Wishing you a great start into the new week. Amazing city. The books are all new additions to my library since the beginning of the year. But now the tooth next to it is making troubles Tony is born in London and then sent to China as a 4-year-old in order to live with his grandparents. There he learns the teachings of kung-fu and becomes a grandmaster. Later he worked as a body guard and then caught stealing and robbing in Cyprus. In the prison of Nikosia he became a Christian. A gripping story and well written. Sadly later inquiries showed that the story is not all true.

FBI agent J. They have a murder case to investigate, where both victims were exploded, dissolved, dissambled without any traces of explosives or so. Witchraft was involved. Later they find a werewolf shot dead with a bullit with aconitum A new German manga set in the USA, full of strange things like unicorns, undead and others.

But not a gripping story line. I think I don't look for the next issues. A manga that starts at the end, so read it from left to rigth. There are no 'chapters' but 'files'. The women of the village invite Maestria from Lutetia in order to teach their kids. But Maestria wants more: She challenges the domination of men and wants become chieftain of the village Miraculix is missing a part for making the magic potion: oil. So Asterix and Obelix are sent to the Near East to get some. The meet Greeks, Jews, Phoenicians, Yemenites etc on the way.

You really tempt me to pick up my old Asterix-books again. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Paul!


I am thinking of buying those new volumes I haven't got yet. Thanks for the good wishes. Have a good and quiet weekend yourself. The Romans send a spy who is always stirring up trouble wherever he appears. So the Gauls in the village start fighting among each other and so forget about the Romans Love the Asterix. The only thing is that I find no development: the goal is always to bash the Romans and the end is always a feast - the only thing which changes from book to book is the circumstances in which the Romans are bashed. Botschaft besetzt. A neighboring village of the invincible Gauls has two acting Chiefs fighting each other.

They divided the village in two parts. But two young people falling in love ask Asterix and co. Romeo and Juliet in Gaul Mike Raglan is unmasking fraud magicians and the like. One day he receives a call for help from an old friend, who tells he vanished into another dimension, the Third World of the Anasazi. Mike doesn't believe at first that other world but he starts to investigate anyway.

The reiterating dialogues of Mike with himself make the reading a bit hard and it has its lengths. But an interesting idea of the parallel worlds of the American Indians. A deep frozen Pict is washed ashore in Gaul. He was betrayed by another clan and Asterix and Obelix bring him back home and help him The text tries a bit too hard to be compatible to the old Asterix', also the drawing is different. The Romans wall the little Gaulian village in and the Gauls make a bet that they are able to leave the country, travel through the whole of Gaul and return safely back with edible souvenirs from all stops on the way The old story of how Obelix fell into the magic potion, told by Asterix.

His wife gets more and more estranged and finally moves back to London with their son. He lives a few years alone in New York and takes up cricket again. He befriends an interesting fellow from Trinidad and travels back to his family every fortnight. I didn't like that book. The prose was fine and some paragraphs seemed to me just going nowhere, it looks lie a collection of short stories with always the same characters as a connection.

Some informative bits about New York and cricket. A pit has accicently opened near a hotel and strange things start to happen. Susan and Colin are longing for having contact again with magical persons. They are drawn into 'Old Magic' and help the sorcerer and the dwarf to save the world.

A bit weird and no satisfactory ending. The children act sometimes as children especially when they don't do what they are told and sometimes as adults, emotionless. Interesting for all the mythical references. Caesar offers a retiring soldier the little village of Asterix as a retirement gift. So the soldier sells the ownership certificate to an owner of a restaurant and this man comes into the village and starts a bar there.

He has a young daughter and a scheming wife who wants her husband to become the chief of the village Well, in the end the Romans get their beating. The Romans kidnap Troubadix the singer and bring him to Rome as a gift to Caesar. Asterix and Obelix also travel to Rome and join the Roman circus in order to become gladiators Denis is a young, slightly talented actor, whose girl friend just wanted some distance. Now the Swiss secret service approaches him and sponsors him a trip on a cruise ship int the Mediterranean. The boss of a drug cartel is the owner of the ship and is also on board.

So Denis should try to get information. Slow in the beginning, gets more exciting later. The author is a local radio and TV moderator from Basel. I wish you a lovely weekend! I never really cared what happened to them. Good for a first work. We are in the Italian part of Switzerland on holidays. Sun rise in Pura.

The sun rises behind Mt Generoso in Italy, below the lake of Lugano. Mt San Salvatore from Lugano. Shucks I can't see the pictures, Paul. I am sure that they are great. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope you enjoyed Ticino and are enjoying the weekend so far.

Theurillat - Ich bin das Kind einer Feckerin. We had a good journey home by train - not through the new tunnel at the Gotthard. I like that travel by train 'over' the Gotthard Pass. Our daughter surprised us this morning: She stayed here over night and went out this morning and brought croissants for breakfast - like in the hotel last week. Nice to hear that you had a great time in Ticino. I love lots of places there. As I can see you've been very busy with your reading.

I'm far away of keeping up. I wish you a wonderful start into the new week. I know the Onsernone, Maggia and Verzasca valleys better. Wish you a good week, too. I admire the photos - just stunning images - and the Murakami cover with the butterfly is worth framing. And croissants for breakfast! And yes, some of the covers are really pieces of art. Jan and his friends observe how a young woman escapes from a boat in Hellerup and start investigating In this book Jan appears even more self-assured and proud than in earlier parts of the series.

The author gives some information concerning occult actions he met in different parts of Switzerland but doesn't give a '1x1' for cleaning the house of such phenomena as the title suggests. I can see all the pictures now Paul and they were worth waiting for. A mother wants the death of her daughter re-investigated by Kinsey, a year after the event. I like the humour Kinsey shows, so sometimes she comes over as bitchy.


The end was dissatisfying and rushed. He wrote a pamphlet about the importance of that new mode of transport. He also wanted to integrate the ship traffic on the Swiss lakes. And he promoted strongly the way over or through the Hauenstein a pass between Basel and Olten. He predicted a good economic value added if Switzerland took on building railways. He gives other calculations for other paths, like from the Lake of Constance to the Lake of Geneva. Interesting historical reading, with a lot of figures in it. Seller Inventory MX-G. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

Seller Inventory MX-V. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Piper Taschenbuch, About this Item: Piper Taschenbuch, Condition: Gut. Schneller Versand. Rechnung mit MwSt. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Condition: New. New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ More information about this seller Contact this seller 6.

Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Published by Independently Published, United States Language: German. Brand new Book. Bush den Irak angreifen? Was den Klinikarzt Dr. Das passt absolut nicht zu seiner pazifistischen Freundin! Wem kann Felix trauen? Dem Industriellen Sommer mit seinen exzellenten internationalen Verbindungen?

Den kurdischen Exilgruppen?