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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about You Do Something to Me , please sign up. I read the first 7 out of 10 books in this wonderful series. Do the remaining books have to be read in order? See 2 questions about You Do Something to Me…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. He's my favorite kind of hero—sexy and sweet and desperately in need of an amazing woman to help make his life complete. I can't wait for you to read his book!

View 1 comment. Oct 10, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it. Alec encounters tragedy when his business partner has a heart attack. When he dies, everything is passed onto Cordelia, who is someone that Alec had no idea existed. So when their paths crash, its met with some mixed emotions. This book was a bit of a surprise for me. While I could understand where she was coming from, she still came across as cold to me.

I did enjoy the easy way in which Andre writes. It makes for a very quick read. Subscribe to our blog by email! Jul 24, Val rated it it was amazing Shelves: author-bella-andre , hot-exploding-chemistry , reads , e-books , 5-stars-reads , grief-loss , must-buy-physical , heroine-lights-up-hero-life , with-review , favorites.

This story was such a nice surprise. I've been a Sullivans fan for a while hello, this is book 17 I'm reading but the New York branch hadn't enthralled me like the San Francisco my favourite or the Seattle branch did; that's why I'd added the book when it was released in but hadn't felt too interested in reading it until now and boy, am I glad I finally read it. Alec Sullivan is the oldest of the New York Sullivans, and the most pessimistic and cynic when it comes to love.

All of a sudd This story was such a nice surprise. All of a sudden he meets Cordelia and yes, he feels gobsmacked by attraction and love, and oh wow, hope and dreams? And so It was funny and lovely seeing Alec shedding his walls to let Cordelia in. Bless you, Bella Andre. And of course, it was incredible seeing a bit of my favourite San Francisco Sullivans in the book. Double bless you, Bella Andre. You Do Something to Me indeed did something to me.

I'm filled with gooey feelings and corny smiles. Bella Andre once again delivered a great love story. Oct 03, Blender rated it it was amazing. A brilliant love story!!! This book is so sweet and tender that it will make you fall in love with Alec and Cordelia!

If any two people deserved forever, it is them. Alec was sigh worthy, but I expected no less from a Sullivan. Together they were perfect. ARC provided in exchange for honest review. Oct 15, Stacie Marquart rated it it was amazing. I love this series. Can't go wrong with one of Bella Andre books. Loved it. Oct 11, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: guiltypleasures-kittyangel. Amazing, wonderful, so full of love. Alec was the ultimate knight in shining armor throughout this story even though he did try to come off as the bad boy.

He grew up taking care of everyone around him, knew that he was a cynic when it came to love, and never let anyone get close enough to see the hurt and scars that he has carried for 30 years. But, a tragedy brings the most amazing woman into his life and now he finds himself second-guessing all the decisions he has made in his personal life. Cordelia sees right through the image that Alec projects.

She sees his inner-light, how much he does care for everyone around him. He pulled her through and, in the process, pulled her under as well. Friends, lovers but never partners. I cried, I honestly cried happy tears during the epilogue. I was so touched and moved by the words Bella Andre put on paper that I felt like my heart was bursting with happiness.

Kudos to Bella Andre for bringing another Sullivan a happily-ever-after, for keeping this series alive with fresh, new stories and for just being the amazing author that she is. Dec 31, Tpagirl rated it really liked it Shelves: waiting-to-announce-next-in-series , pages , genre-erotic. Alec Sullivan was the oldest of his siblings. His mother took her life when he was a child and he took over the care for his younger siblings when his dad fell apart and no longer could function as a parent.

He had kept himself guarded and protected from love, relationships and reliance on anyone. He ran a successful billion dollar business and was loyal to his sibl You Do Something To Me by Bella Andre was the third book in the New York Sullivan series and the seventeenth in the Sullivan series. He ran a successful billion dollar business and was loyal to his siblings. He was happy and content with his life. She was adopted as a baby, had never known her birth parents, was a successful botanist and business owner.

She was happiest when she was gardening. Alec and Cordelia met when Gordon Whitley died unexpectedly from a heart attack and left his portion of the business with all of his assets solely to his daughter, Cordelia. They were attracted from the onset but were conflicted with the circumstances so held each other at Bay and became friends instead, well friends with an occasional benefit.

It was an intriguing journey of exploration and reflection leading ultimately to hope and forgiveness. True to form, it was well written and well developed. You Do Something To Me was a sweet story. It was low on angst but high on awareness and forgiveness. Oct 30, Terri Hebert rated it it was amazing.

The Sullivan series is a truly magnificent work of art. I love every single book in this long series. I have read all of them and I just can't pick a favorite. Every one is a five star read. Bella Andre knows what her readers wants and she gives it in spades. Honestly can't wait for the next one View all 3 comments. Oct 23, Jan Kaplan rated it it was amazing. Bella Andre is an amazingly gifted writer who has created an incredible series, The Sullivans.

With her incredible dialogue, each story becomes a visual treat as we let our imaginations run wild. Whispering a name, Cordelia, with his last breath, Alec is mystified. Unbeknownst to him, Gordon Whitely had a Bella Andre is an amazingly gifted writer who has created an incredible series, The Sullivans.

The Kaplan and Dylan Adventure Series Books

Unbeknownst to him, Gordon Whitely had a daughter he put up for adoption to a couple he knew would be perfect parents for her. Arranging a meeting with their attorneys to discuss the situation, Alec is unprepared for his feelings upon meeting Cordelia. Uncharacteristically, he wants to know her better before offering her a buy out, which is far from the professional way he has always done business.

I know I will.

Theory and Practice

Kudos Ms. Andre for another brilliant book in the saga of the Sullivans. Oct 22, Selina Durio rated it it was amazing. The Sullivans get better and better Each Sullivan book gets better and better! When a series has so many installments it can oft times become stale. Andre has been successful in making each story independently enjoyable, while keeping it within the thread of the larger story.

Alec was so jaded by his parents tragic story that he never believed he deserved love. Oct 18, Sharon Rudolph rated it it was amazing. Maybe you should show your appreciation with just a round of applause. Aderhold 47 - What's the Deal With Bob? II - Now an REI is moving in. Lansering "Den store sangen" Bob-bok av Gisle Selnes ut The guy sure can make an entrance.

Read this - thejournal. First sign of acknowledgment of the Prize. A musician won the Prize: How will booksellers do now? Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king. One is given to dramatization. I intend to live forever. Not Bob Dylan, that's for sure. Post your links here! Please don't send them to me. Or did it finally achieve eternal life? Bob Dylan going into depth on why his friend Cohen is so brilliant. Listen to it exclusively here.

Auxiliary screens farther back appeared to function better. Today: Revisiting the Bootleg Series, Vol.

The greatest of all the lost Dylan masterpieces. Blu-ray: amazon. DVD Deluxe from amazon. Blu-ray Deluxe from amazon. Thomas J. Rest of file was reconstructed below on Oct 18, , thanks to the WayBack Machine. Today: Bob Talk. And after Masters of Song, stay with me for two more hours of fantastic music. I'll be sitting in for my esteemed colleague, Pat Baker, on his - Tangled Roots - program, from pm!

Check out the artists at these nearby shows - axs from Thomas N. Book Oct 21 from amazon. But What About Bob? By Pets! Today: Bob, in the Fall. Two LPs on g vinyl. Everyone has secrets. Loudermilk dead at 82 - Tennessean 6 - Songwriter John D. These designs and pieces of furniture served as an iconic hallmark of the Disney Animation Studios for decades after their creation as well as in a resurgence toward the end of the previous century. Here, we meet our protagonist, Nick Neville, a smart forensic accountant sent to audit a cutting-edge company developing an artificial intelligence called Cogvolve.

Nick is hired by Blue Creek Capital over worries about its billion-dollar investment in the project. At first, nothing seems out of the ordinary to Nick until he starts to meet employees within the company and discovers unusual circumstances surrounding Cogvolve. Try as one might, fate will always send out reminders that even the best laid-out plans are not within human control.

When an earthquake devastates Zoar, a city south of Bohio Island, it also plants the seeds for an unprecedented friendship between two women sharing the same name of Germaine: Germaine Lazare and Germaine Belizaire. Their fates, however, are more intertwined than anyone could possibly imagine. Born in Germany in the latter years of World War II, author Harms has early memories of Allied aircraft attacks, bombings, and the loss of his father. His mother, though deeply traumatized, managed to keep working as a farm laborer and seamstress to support him, despite many obstacles.

As a boy, Harms had visions of adventure in faraway lands, and at age fifteen, he acted on those visions, joining the German Merchant Marines. With many of the able-bodied men shipped off for slave labor, the writing was on the wall that the country would stagnate and soon face a crippling food shortage. Efforts from within Belgium were being concocted to provide for the people, but without adequate access to resources and guarantees from the warring powers, nothing could be accomplished.

They had the protection as a neutral interventionist organization but lacked the infrastructure to disperse the aid appropriately. The Camp Fire is the single worst wildfire in the history of the State of California in terms of property and lives lost in its devastation.

Taking a microscopic view of the damage done, the author of this book shares photographs taken by him and other area photographers of the Honey Run Covered Bridge, a historical landmark that was almost completely lost in the fire. Showing various angles of both the interior and exterior, the intention is to celebrate and remember a piece of California history. Twelve-year-old Joseph Graham is athletic and poor, just like dozens of other kids who attend segregated schools in Reservoir City, Florida.

The legacy of slavery still bubbles under the surface of everyday life in Jefferson Quarters, the poorest neighborhood around. Even his crew makes fun of him sometimes. When life deals a bad hand, human nature immediately looks to place blame, ultimately resorting to fate if no other culprit can be found. Poet Makki has constructed a collection of poetic expressions accompanied by philosophical prose, educational encouragement, and spirited opinions on a myriad of topics.

Professor Jens Elfesen is a Norwegian scientist studying linguistics—specifically, bird communications. After making a breakthrough in his field of study, Jens is offered a research position with the Marine Resource and Technology Institute in Kristiansund to study Delphinidae a. With funding support from the U. Navy, Jens throws himself into his work and makes friends with Kong, one of the bottlenose dolphins at the Institute. When Jens finally makes a breakthrough in his communications with Kong, he is soon kidnapped by the Navy to keep his findings a secret.

From werewolves, ogres, and trolls to vampires, enchanting pixies, and fairies, the gamut of species can be found in this narrative. While combining the two genres is generally difficult, Meredith uses rich worldbuilding and endearing characters to make the fusion of the two genres a seamless process. In this guide for newcomers, the author provides a list of goals and an approach to every aspect of golf, all designed to be reasonable and accessible. Using humor and a helpful tone, each chapter of this book will help the player learn what kinds of equipment to buy, how much to spend starting out, what skills to focus on, and even how to make friendly conversation with other players of all walks of life.

Drawing on decades of experience and a genuine love for the game of golf, the author will get you ready to hit the links and just have a good time while also being respectful of the grounds and the other players. While working as an accountant at a shipyard, Inge survives the Nazi occupation of Denmark. His soldier father returned to work on a cattle ranch. This idyllic atmosphere was spoiled as the boy gradually realized that his father was an alcoholic. Sent to live with grandparents in a Christian household, he progressed academically and later joined the Air Force. But when Rhoads began drinking heavily, it led to a failed marriage punctuated by frequent job changes and financial hardships.

Labyrinth Books

He turned to crime—from smuggling marijuana from Mexico to involvement in a robbery and murder that yielded many years in prison. However, his life changed when he experienced a genuine Christian conversion while incarcerated, leading to a course in Bible study and, when freed, a chance for a loving marriage and sincere devotion to ministry. Surprising even himself, he scores highest in his class in final exams the first year.

He continues to achieve academically, and in his final year, another remarkable happening shapes his future. A team of electrical engineers visits the school and offers a demonstration. Invited to participate in a simple exercise—turning on a switch to produce light from a battery—the boy begins to shout that he wants to be an electrical engineer.

This, as it turns out, is more than just a childish fantasy. With the ability for problem-solving, determination, and high grades that clearly distinguish him, he obtains his first job in electrical engineering at age twelve. That becomes a springboard for further study, employment, and education abroad, including degrees in computer and electrical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston.

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A young British Merchant Marine dreams of a global land journey that would someday be enshrined in the record books. With a vivid imagination and not nearly enough money, author Meegan set out in in his mid-twenties to walk from Patagonia to Prudhoe Bay. His book, originally handwritten, describes the journey in daily detail. He and his Japanese girlfriend Yoshiko planned to start the trek together though Yoshiko later confessed she thought the plan was to travel by bus. They towed along two handcrafted rucksacks on wheels, some camping gear, basic food, and a few maps.

Their timeline, which took weather and hardship conditions into consideration, was patterned somewhat on the earlier adventures of Sebastian Snow The Rucksack Man who walked the length of South America in twenty months. Rae Sullivan is certain she knows who killed her business partner, Thalia, in a San Francisco park. The police are handling the investigation all wrong, even suspecting her, and there is no one else driven to bring the real suspect to justice.

This new information throws suspicion on even more suspects, and Rae is entangled in a dangerous game. Chasing her suspect to Paris, Rae feels her attraction towards Luc growing stronger and begins questioning her own bonds of fidelity. Can Rae track down the evidence to place guilt on the real murderer, or will her snooping cost Rae her life? Once Lorna is able to escape, she sets out pursuing the dreams she thought long gone. Sophie and Olivia were strangers, having led very different lives. Sophie grew up in the lap of luxury, winding her way through life in Catholic school, her disastrous marriages, her love affair with a younger man, and eventually into the arms of a suave Jamaican named Ty.

Olivia, on the other hand, came from nothing. Growing up in an abusive household, Olivia had her fair share of disastrous marriages, eventually finding herself also in the arms of Ty. Bad childhoods and abusive men were seemingly the only things these women had in common, until the sixth of September, when their worlds collided.

But when the two of them found out that they were both in a relationship with the same man, instead of turning against one another, they decided to work together to make things right. Hitler is a bully with a gang. They grow up and grow apart, but the two are reunited after World War I when the apolitical but ambitious Josef moves his bakery to bustling Munich. Soon, the competition cripples him. Curious to hear what his old school friend has to say, he attends. The small, picturesque town of Brackton, Vermont, is suffering a failing economy.

Home is where the heart is, at least to fourteen-year-old Conrad. Can Conrad adjust to life in the city, or will he run to where his heart desires? There is a murder mystery within the pages of this novel, and much is made by its principal characters about solving it. However, the beating heart at the center of this tale is about the mystery of life itself, particularly as it is lived by a collection of teenagers who band together ostensibly to find the perpetrator.

Cate is almost at a marriageable age in twelfth-century England, but she would rather serve God than marry the old man her father has in mind. A group of men from her village plan to leave to fight in a crusade to save Jerusalem. Her brother is going as a priest, and her aunt is going to help cook for and tend the wounded. Cate decides to join them and help her aunt.

It helps that the boy from the village who catches her eye is going as well. A work of speculative fiction, it builds the story around Alex, who has taken a job on a mining planet. A recent divorce on an Earth ill-disposed toward men has left him unable to communicate with his young daughter and driven him to Kratos and a working environment consisting only of men and AI.

Although Kratos does offer female companionship in the form of sexbots, Alex longs for the companionship and conversation of a real human woman. Alex falls for her, but he is not alone. Award-winning writer Padgett has created twenty-five Christian-themed short stories that are both entertaining and educational.

When she gets a powerful injection in the jaw, Padgett realizes she can no longer control her numbed tongue. She begins to contemplate her unruly tongue of the day before and, as soon as she can, calls her friend; they agree to disagree and share a mutual apology and prayer session. Author Johnston has drawn wisdom from many sources to construct her thesis that religion as usually understood needs to move beyond the level of the lawless, beyond the generally accepted levels of the faithful and the rational, and enter the realms of the universal.

These objects naturally tend to become a primary focus, while things in the farther distance are blurry and hard to comprehend. In conjunction with PrisonPlanetRevelations. According to the author, probing could open a window to what could be, and what the human species has been missing out on for millennia.

Though Goodwin asks his audience to suspend belief and conjure a starkly different world, he supports his stance with reasoning and unquestionable confidence. For instance, Goodwin suggests that belief, faith, and religion simply function as a curtain, keeping our species oblivious to intergalactic workings. More specifically, humanity operates via selective misinformation, and it incessantly falls prey to mind control from multiple angles.

From the Secret Space Program and psychic abilities to hundreds of spherical objects entering our solar system and the Illuminati having a base on the moon, the text dives headfirst into possibilities that could force the truth-seeking individual to reexamine human history. Interestingly, Goodwin surmises that earthly humans are being exploited via our reliance on emotions and inhibitions.

English and American Studies

Right from the haunting haze of the book cover, Kessler makes his wizardry with sensory detail known, creating a world that is captivated by events such as the town party rally during their iconic holiday, Butcher Bargain Day. In fact, the opening line itself is an incredibly fitting tone-setter. This comes when one of the central characters, a dark-skinned youth named Mikkel, is given a sledgehammer by Otto, both his father and an esteemed Deputy to the Secretary of the Party.

With the Panic of creeping across the United States and taking its toll on her upper-class family, the life Penelope Stanton is accustomed to is fading fast. But when Edgar makes his way back into her life, Penelope finds herself caught between ideologies. With her reputation on the line, Penelope must make a choice between them. Winston is a young wombat with a plan.

Every time he goes to see his grandfather, he receives a piece of candy and a friendly wink. Determined to give his grandpa a pleasant surprise, Winston decides to learn how to wink; but every time he tries, he ends up blinking instead. Every day, people feel hopeless or lost, not knowing where to turn in order to get their life turned around or even simply to feel happiness. Some people pursue their happiness through methods that offer temporary satisfaction but fleeting results.

In this book, the author provides her methods for organizing life and prioritizing the things that will enable people to survive the modern world and live in the present moment full of joy and appreciation. Full of affirmations and wisdom that can be applied to people of every age, gender, race, and occupation, each chapter provides new strategies and contemplations for the reader to make use of. Though situations and life itself can often feel overwhelming or impossible to handle, the techniques and advice in this book can help people through even the hardest of situations. Marlu, the Mango Lunchkin, enjoys running, playing, and chasing kites.

He has a wonderful family and lives in the beautiful countryside of LunchkinLand but struggles with making friends. His mother is famous throughout the community for her amazing Kutrient and Kelement soup. Marlu gets to help Mommy Mango pick the herbs for the soup but still wishes he could find friends who would accept him simply for who he is. When faced with the choice between action and complacency, Marlu encounters his biggest obstacle yet. Each of these thoughts is given in stand-alone statements attempting to convey truth on the subject discussed or a point of view grown from experience.

The subjects range from friendship to romantic relationships and include topics such as foolishness, death, solitude, money, discipline, and many others. Rather than an in-depth discussion of the chosen theme, each idea is presented in a quotable format intended to encapsulate a truth or ignite greater reflection.

The presentation is well-done with a glossy cover, quality binding, and pages sharing a matching color scheme featuring large, clear type which allows the statements to be easily read. The pages can be thumbed through and pondered in any order, allowing the book to be picked up and perused at random.

By enacting strict organizational guidelines that ensure the turning in of completed homework and using an immediate reward system to celebrate adherence, this method is designed to get child and parent alike involved in a simple, short routine that yields results. By just checking in for a couple of minutes a day, parents can watch struggling grades work their way up to the head of the class.

A beauty queen turned empowerment coach has turned her story into a powerful teaching tool. Australian author Turunen had a difficult childhood that included being shunted back and forth by her separated parents, enduring a massive spinal surgery, and surviving a near-fatal accident while in her early teens, all of which led to depression and self-injuring.

Australia beauty pageant and then the Mrs. Continents international competition held in the US. In her spiritual self-help book, Hansen interprets the symbolism found throughout the New Testament book of Revelation from a unique perspective. Searching for her own physical health, she discovered within the book instructions on how to draw spiritually closer in a personal walk with God.

Hansen poses thought-provoking questions about what is meant in various sections of the prophetic book. Many readers of Revelation have puzzled about correct interpretations. Historical thriller meets metaphysical visionary adventure in this thoughtful, mixed-genre novel. By most appearances, Charlie Benjamin appears to be a normal child—except for his webbed feet, vivid visions, superhuman strength, and extraordinary sensory abilities. His parents do their level best to raise Charlie as just another ordinary Anglo-American kid.

He grows up in a small California town and learns much of what he knows about the world from television. Carangi successfully blends scripture, divine metaphysics, and historical fiction in his tale of Sanji, a seeker of wisdom and truth, who leaves his wife to follow Jesus, his Apostles, and his wife, Mary Magdalene. This disparate, edgy amalgam of a book is rooted in A Course in Miracles , a self-study program designed to awaken humanity to its oneness with God.

Certain angels follow Lucifer, now called Satan, as he claims equal status with God and reveals plans to take over the universe with Earth as his home base. To guarantee successful warfare, the rebels need to know what prophecies are written down in the three Forbidden books.

Angels Michael and Gabriel do not support this rebellion, nor do two-thirds of the other angels of God. JJ Kapock is a young boy growing up in Beachwood, Maryland, during the era of rock and roll and cool cars of the s. Despite the world around him, he believes in a code of ethics that guides his actions on a daily basis and turns enemies into potential allies. This book follows him from the age of 10 all the way to college age as he faces challenges and the pressures of becoming an adult. From early on, JJ deals with issues like racism, income disparity, alcohol abuse, violence, and developing an interest in the opposite sex.

Through it all, he does his best to exercise good judgment, though, like any other hot-blooded teenage boy, he sometimes lets his emotions or desires get the better of him. Seventeen-year-old Isaac Wells dreams of attending law school after graduating from a small school in Keeseville in upstate New York. His older brother, John, a notorious alcoholic, is to take over the family farm while Isaac follows his dream. However, fate fails Isaac. His father falls ill, John is less than dependable, and the stirrings of war pull at his conscious. Depressed and discouraged over his unhappy marriage, Isaac seeks solace in the arms of a prostitute.

Eventually, he becomes convinced he must join the Union Army, thinking that the only thing he is leaving behind is the farm, an unhappy marriage, and his deceitful brother. Author White transports readers to a sacred ceremony in the Himalayas as the Dalai Lama seeks to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. His prayers are answered by Chakra, a goddess-like being who appears in the form of a radiant dog.

A retired counselor offers his personal blog entries as a way of sharing his grief and his hopes. After fifty years with his wife Gwen, author Bayerl lost her to lung cancer. Two months later, he began composing a daily blog. Sitting in my easy chair, staring out the window, isn't easy anymore. Your empty chair is all I see. This co-written memoir reveals painful truths about the effects of the Orphan Trains on Depression-era children in the United States. After finally escaping the abusive pair one attempt resulted in his confinement to Boys Town for a year , Walters learned life on the road by hopping freight trains and working jobs as he found them.

This precarious existence became the pattern for his life, as, after serving in World War II, Walters toiled at a succession of varied occupations while he struggled to raise his family. Yet those struggles sparked and emboldened his resilience, which sends an inspirational message to readers and provides a sense of resounding hope.


Marley nearly did go to hell and back in her younger years. No one should have to endure the things she survived, especially the loss of a child. Her story is starkly shared so that others might find insight, or maybe comfort from a kindred spirit, into a life of betrayals, loss, and abuse. The book begins with the author's marriage to Matt, who has a young daughter.

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The daughter's teen years are not kind to the family, and most readers might relate to the family transitioning into chaos because adolescence takes its toll on so many. Marley sums it up skillfully, "To be completely disregarded and treated with such vile, wretched, and terrifying behavior by the one person you spent the most time and energy to love Growing up in the Appalachian area of Pennsylvania in the s gave Farrar a view of life heavily influenced by community. As an adult, he played baseball in the minors for the Pittsburgh Pirates, served in the military, and became a senior vice president of Kimberly Clark Corp.

This book was born out of increasing concern for the young girls and women the author encountered through her years as a teacher and reading specialist. As Hamilton noticed the negative and unhealthy emotional state of many of the young girls with whom she came in contact, she began to seek answers to the questions of how and why. In her search to understand the phenomenon, the author turned to God for answers. The book is the culmination of her study of scripture in order to understand and help these girls overcome their emotional problems and find health through Christ.

The book is chock-full of wisdom broken down into bite-size chapters that is both easy to digest and displayed in a variety of ways for the reader to consume. The insight that is given ranges from motivational biblical and esoteric quotes to personal experiences and questions that challenge the reader to look beyond themselves and confront their own spiritual pain.