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Cubs that are old enough must be brought to the Pack Council where the other wolves will identify them. After inspection, the cubs can go where they please, and until they kill their first buck no other wolf may harm them. The Pack is led by the cunning and strong Akela. He stretches out on a rock and about forty other wolves are below and near him. Father pushes Mowgli forward. Before the wolves can say anything, Shere Khan, lurking in the distance, cries out that the cub is his. Akela replies that one who is not of the Free People has no say here.

He asks who speaks for the cub. First, Baloo the sleepy brown bear ventures near and says he will teach the boy. Bagheera , a sleek black panther of strength and cunning, drops down and says he will buy the life of the man-cub for the price of a newly killed bull. The wolves murmur that they will accept the boy and ask for the bull. Akela tells them that men and their cubs are wise and the boy may help them someday.

Ten years pass. Baloo teaches Mowgli everything he needs to know about living in the jungle. His life is full of pleasure and learning and friendship. He can look straight at the animals in the eyes and none can match him in his stare. He joins the Pack Council, learns to fear men when he sees a trap, and enjoys sleeping through the day and hunting with Bagheera at night. Bagheera explains that Mowgli cannot kill a young or old bull or cow due to the Law of the Jungle, and Mowgli obeys. Mother Wolf warns her man-cub about Shere Khan.

Things are growing more dangerous because as Akela weakens in his old age, some of the younger wolves have taken to following the tiger for scraps. Bagheera also warns Mowgli, but he laughs that he has the panther and bear to protect him. One day, Bagheera tells Mowgli to be wary of what is happening in the Council, for Akela is growing old and the younger wolves are glomming on to Shere Khan. The time will soon come when the tiger makes his move. Mowgli wonders why this will happen, and says he was born in the jungle, has obeyed its laws, and that the wolves are his brothers.

Bagheera gently responds by showing Mowgli a small bald spot under his chin that indicates the mark of a collar. Bagheera had been born among men and escaped; he went home where he belonged, and Mowgli will one day do the same. He sighs that even he cannot look Mowgli in the eyes, and the others hate the boy because he is a man. Mowgli is dismayed. Bagheera continues that he must prepare for what is coming soon with Akela losing power and the Pack turning against him.

Mowgli agrees and bounds away. That evening Akela is attacked but not killed. Mowgli procures the fire and tells Bagheera he is not afraid of it because he remembers lying by it when he was a baby. Bagheera takes a post on a tree at the Council. Akela is lying on his side. Mowgli arrives and sees Shere Khan sitting there and beginning to speak, something unprecedented. Mowgli jumps up to protest this. Akela asks who will come finish him off but no one will do it. Frustrated, Shere Kahn asks to be given the man-cub so he can end him. Other wolves assent.

Bagheera explains to them that he was paid for with the bull, and Akela tells the wolves they are cowards. He adds that if they leave the man-cub alone he will die without baring one tooth of his own. This will save lives and shame for the wolves. Mowgli stands up, filled with rage and sorrow knowing what many of the wolves think of him. He shows them the fire and lights dried moss.

The wolves spring back in fear. Bagheera urges Mowgli to save Akela. Mowgli denounces the wolves but tells them he is done with the jungle. He beats Shere Khan with a burning branch first, and tells the singed cat to go back to the jungle. He informs them all that no one will kill Akela because it is not his will.

Tears form in his eyes and he asks Bagheera what is happening to him. Bagheera gently tells him that he is now a man and not a cub. Mowgli sobs, but dries his tears and bade Father and Mother Wolf goodbye. At dawn he leaves to meet men. This story takes place before Mowgli bests Shere Khan. This is when Baloo is teaching him the Laws of the Jungle about all manner of beasts and plants. Baloo responds that it is better he is hurt by one who loves him and is teaching him rather than one who harms him due to his ignorance.

Mowgli is currently learning the words of the birds and snake people, all of which are necessary to memorize. Mowgli joins them and Baloo quizzes him on the languages he has learned. Tenderly, Baloo commends him and says there is no one to fear. Mowgli dreamily says he wants to have his own tribe to lead through the branches all day.

Bagheera asks where this came from and Baloo sweeps in angrily. He asks Mowgli if he has been talking to the Monkey-People, or the Bandar-log. They took pity on him, gave him things to eat, carried him through the trees, and said he was their leader. Bagheera scoffs that they are liars and have no leaders. Mowgli explained that he likes how they stand up like him and play all day. Baloo explains in a serious, thunderous voice that the Monkey-People do not follow the Law of the Jungle. They are outcasts, use stolen words not their own, do not have leaders, do not have remembrances, are prone to boasting, and have minds full of laughter.

The others do not eat or drink with them or hunt where they hunt or die where they die. Above him, a few nuts shower down on his head. Baloo and Bagheera take Mowgli away. These monkeys enjoy tormenting other animals and they forget things all the time. They do not wish to do Mowgli harm and like the way he plays and how he seemed like them. The monkeys swing swiftly throughout the branches and even though Mowgli is scared and worried, he somewhat enjoys the wild, rushing ride. He can see for miles across the tops of the green trees, something he does not often get to do.

After a time, though, he worries that his friends will never find him. He spots Chil the Kite wheeling over the jungle, and Chil swoops down to see what the monkeys have. Mowgli cries to him to alert Baloo and Bagheera. Chil sets out to do this. In the meantime, Bagheera and Baloo are trying to decide what to do. Every species is skilled at some things and incapable of others. Unfortunately, this capacity for reasoning tends to value personal motives above things that would benefit our entire species and those around us. However, they did it anyway.

Without belonging to the same bloodline or even species, Raksha is a mother who perfectly exemplifies how everyone needs a happy upbringing , full of love, tenderness, and education. The rest of the variables are secondary. When was it we come to adopt man to this jungle? Shere Khan: [shows his scars] Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do? Children must understand that resentment is too heavy of a burden to carry.

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Well done! I'm so sad that "The daughter of shete khan" is not going to continune and be complete. One activity I completely forgot that Mowgli and the cubs could have done in the story is swimming. Tigers are one of the few big cats that love water. Guess this means that Kaa is going to be the only major enemy Mowgli has left. Of course! Why else would there be so many fanfics staring him doing just that? He's probably the most favourited vore creature on the planet! Not to mention the new Kaa is almost just like him as well.

Prev Next. It was pretty quiet…and dark. The man-cub carefully treaded down the pathway, eyes and ears alert. Being alert was one of the vital things that life with his wolf pack had taught him was the key essential to survival. Especially with the lord of the jungle, the mighty tiger Shere Khan, out there somewhere hunting for him and his blood. The man-cub had never seen just how dangerous the tiger could be, until that brute moment, when he had clawed at his guardian, Bagheera the panther. Running and jumping off a cliff would have probably killed him too, but he would have rather died that way than at the mercy of that tiger.

It was thanks to a close call that he was still alive. And now, he was out here, in a strange part of the jungle that he had never been in before. Only a very faint. He ran off to find the rest of his guard, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono. The five had matured onto quite the team over the years, and it showed in their size. Beshte was definitely the largest of the group but today it was Kion with the largest gut. Or at least compared to his regular size. Guess I forgot. But no, my sister found this really weird animal who actually likes to be eaten. Here let me show you.

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From the sounds coming from outside he had hoped that there would be some more Lions waiting to eat him, and was disappointed when all he saw was a hippo, a honey badger, a cheetah, and a bird. Still, perhaps the. The Jungle Vore Book Huberta From underneath the water, a stream of bubbles rose up and broke at the surface around Mowgli as he was swimming in the water.

The Jungle Book - Shere Khan vs Mowgli

It was almost as if something down below had blown them like a breath of air. And it had been. From below, an unseen animal had been sleeping at the bottom of the pond, until the disturbance at the surface woke it up. Looking up, it saw a small creature splashing around that it remembered seeing somewhere before. Was it…Man? What was it doing out here, at this time of night? Mowgli gasped as he felt something make contact with him and lift him up from underneath the water below. He was sitting on the nostrils of an adult hippo.

Everything was peaceful, as if not one thing could bother it today.

Birds chirped happily up in the trees, and crickets did the same down on the ground. In the distance, a deer and her fawn were calmly chewing the grass on the ground. For a moment, the mother looked up, and became aware of something. They were being watched by two sets of eyes, but evil intent was in neither pair. Knowing there was no danger, the mother simply went back to grazing. The two watching animals; one tall and furry grey, the other sleek and silky black; simply smiled and sauntered on through the shrub of the jungle. Mowgli blinked. Had it been a nightmare?

He felt a bit more relieved.

The Jungle Book

Then he slowly started to climb up to his hands and knees… And found himself staring at the cave floor. Mowgli started to think. The cave floor? If it had really been a nightmare, wasn't he supposed to be in his hammock? The man-cub tried to stand up but unexpectedly stumbled over and landed on his bottom. Shere Khan smiled his familiar face, and then slowly got up, approaching the nervous man-cub.

I think you'll find that I brought you here for a reason, and it's important that you understand what that reason is. The Lion Meal :iconetaris It was a calm day over the Serengeti. The said lion was resting upon Pride Rock, having watched his mate Kiara and the lionesses go out for their daily hunt. He had heard that there was a Pride of lions that lived there, and that they were twice as big as normal lions. He was excited to see them from afar and see what other kind of strange qualities they exhibited.

They were now heading back to Pride Rock, except Kiara herself. She had decided to find something else for her mate Kovu before she went home. He pulled out his binoculars and climbed a tree to get a better look, and surely enough he saw a lioness hunting party in the distance.

Before he went back down to get his ca. Kara the Crocodile Reptile RP :iconetaris One day, at a river that flowed close to a mountain, a very big crocodile called Kara sat basking on the edge with her mouth wide open. She immediately noticed the boy, and her eye widened when she recognized him. She began to crawl backwards out of sight, grinning a toothy grin. Female Kaa Captures Mowgli but not for food The young man-cub known as Mowgli climbed up the tree-roots as fast as he could, trying to catch those little pests that had stolen his fruit from him. How dare they deceive him!

Vikram's World: (Possible) Origin of the Hungry Tiger of Oz

He would show them a thing or two. He kept on climbing up a little further, but after a moment, he found himself having to stop when he saw nothing more of the little civets. The thieves had disappeared somewhere into the darkness of the surrounding jungle. But there was something about this place that made Mowgli realize perhaps he had been wrong to chase them.

Something about this place made him think that perhaps something lived here, something deadly…and dangerous. He tried to think of what his mentor Bagheera had taught him. What was there besi. At night I set up my tent and slept for the night, bare feet poking out the outside of my tent.

From Pride Rock, she had seen a faint light glowing in the darkness of the night, and had gone to investigate. She paused just outside the tent, catching a scent coming from inside that was very unfamiliar. My feet rubbed against one another for a moment for an itch, still poking outside my tent. She sniffed them, her whiskers brushing lightly over them. View Gallery. He just saw the heartless, coldblooded murder of his parents and now the same killer is coming after him.

He begins to stumble, realizing that his tears and extreme grief are making it hard to run. He want very badly to stop, but he knew if he did, he would meet an untimely end at that hand of his parents killer. So with his adrenaline carrying him, he continues to run. Looking around, he finds no place to hide, but then notices the cliff that separates the city and the forest. It is then that he must decide to either risk his life and brave the unknown risks of jumping off the cliff, or be shot.

Knowing there is only one option, he takes the plunge of the cliff into darkness. His pursuer sees this, laughs at the child's suicide and walks away. Unknown to his, the child did survive the fall. However it was at great cost to him. He had sustained many cuts causing severe bleeding and he had also broken an arm. Vaporeon Vore Vaporeon rested at the riverside, enjoying the cool air which was made by the flowing stream of the river.

The rushing of it was so soothing, she nearly drifted off to sleep. Vaporeon startled as she heard something next to her. As she opened her eyes a Charmander stood next to her. It seemed quite nervous. The Vaporeon remained silent and patient. Why was this little guy so nervous? I don't want to bother you, but