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  1. Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage (Hardback or Cased Book)
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Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage (Hardback or Cased Book)

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Chaos magic

Witches and animals are so aligned with nature that they speak a similar energetic language and recognize each other. The Moon. Have you gazed at her, spoken to her, been flooded by her light since you were a little girl? Are you aligned with her phases? On the New Moon, in the darkest of nights, do you sit with the mystery, the emptiness and unknown, the potential and possibility of the dark? Do you dream up new plans in the dark of the new moon?

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  3. Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage (Hardback or Cased Book).
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Do you have more than a sneaking suspicion that your wishes come true — good or bad , and are you perhaps a little cautious and in awe of your own power? Have you been called an old soul on the reg? Are you drawn to the healing arts?

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  • Modern Magic : Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage by Matthew Krajewski (2013, Paperback).
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  • Do you tend to seek natural or energetic remedies for yourself, and do you offer them to others? People might also heal just by being around you. Past Life Memories. This is karma you are awake to heal. It is time to not be afraid, and to be your you-est you. This is how you will heal your karma, by being unafraid to live your fullest expression.

    It is your time. You also love to keep candles around and lit — because candles are invitations to spirits and angels, and create a more magical, divine vibe. And you probably like a good, energy-clearing sage or incense. Did you believe in magic as a child, see magic in the air and in life? And despite the rest of the world not believing, did you save some room in your heart for tales of magic, love, and the mystical and mysterious, anyway?

    Were you drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable? Have you always thought there was no such thing as a coincidence, that we were not really alone, and this was not all there was? Do you believe in signs and symbols? More Magic and Divinations.

    When you are talking about what you think will happen, people tend to perk up and listen. You have dreams and visions, of past lives and the future. And you can read other people and their energy and intentions fairly well. I want to go further. Okay so I love animals and they always love me…. I love he weather but although I hate tornadoes but I love feeling the wind. She has never really been a fan of the super natural but I have….

    All that you speak of is very familiar. He kept looking at me on a dazed way…I just kept speaking to him in a soothing voice. When I got home, I walked around to the passenger door, picked him up and headed for the front porch. Halfway across the front yard, he jumped out of my arms and ran off. There are many other stories I can tell, but for now I will leave it at that and probably read a few of the books on your list.

    Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Articles on Life and Psychism. Call for our Phone Psychics! As you read the words above, you just knew the idea of being a witch resonates with you. The idea of being a witch causes you to feel as if you are reclaiming your heritage. You have a strong, well developed intuition.

    You just know stuff. You follow your gut feelings and they are rarely wrong. Those who have left their bodies are right here in spirit and have simply returned to be part of the whole, as we all are.

    It wells from you like an inner strength. You know that your sexuality connects you to the cycles of the earth. Its raw power has an energy you can use.

    Chaos magic - Wikipedia

    You believe in magic and things you cannot see. Energy can be manipulated and used for good as well as bad. You feel energy pulse through and around you. You can neatly determine the atmosphere of any place or gathering. In certain places you feel a connection as if you have been there before.

    You are attracted to the bizarre and fascinated by people who are different. You like to wear black, and prefer your clothes to be made of natural fabrics. You like your food fresh, not processed. Processed food tastes dead. You prefer silver and pewter to gold and platinum. You are drawn to crystals, healing, herbs, Reiki, astrology and tarot. You feel at home when in nature. You understand that the deeds you do are returned to you, threefold. You believe in karmic law. You are attuned to the seasons. People like to tell you things, share secrets, worries and their inner thoughts.

    You prefer cats to dogs — mostly. You like making connections between past and present. You feel that the past is embedded deeply in your being. You feel the pain endured by your ancestors keenly. In fact, you may even experience unexplained flashbacks — from previous lives. You are observant. You notice signs and omens.

    Am I a Witch? 25 Signs You Were Born To Be a Witch

    You are able to immerse yourself in your own senses. You love storms and wild weather. You want to go outside and lift your arms to the sky. You are attuned to the phases of the Moon. The full moon fills your heart with love and replenishes your soul. You are able to manifest what you want. You believe that learning is a calling and you love to learn. All the time. Now You Know You Are a Witch So, you feel this extraordinary connection, this power within — what are you going to do with it?

    A Self-Study Course in Witchcraft If you wish to learn more about being a witch, here are some suggestions where to begin. The Wheel of the Year. Learn about the traditional witch sabbats and celebrations.

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    Moon phases. Witches are strongly in tune with the Moon. Learn about moon phases and how they can be used to your advantage. Circle casting. Casting a circle is essential when performing ritual or magic.

    Learn about the quarters and the guardians. Witches are natural healers — of both mind and body. Delve into the healing modality that attracts you the most. Energy underpins everything a witch does.