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You have to respect that. He was just a supernice dude.

Nobody that I know can say anything bad about him. I loved him for real. God bless him. Mac put in the work. Dan says. Miller was aware that, even as he was in the midst of creating each of his artistic statements with his friends and peers, it was he alone who was responsible for his overall legacy. You put so much of yourself into what you do.

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At this point, I just want my music to be it. Just go there. As time goes on, people may or may not get the idea.

With Audio Recording

All they need to do is listen. Sometimes getting together can help bring closure, or at least a bit of solace. Miller had been booked to appear there for an early stop on his Swimming tour. When he died, his team kept the venue for an opportunity to reflect on his legacy. Paak tells Rolling Stone in the days leading up to the show. Before launching into their song,. Paak eulogized his late friend. But this one was really heavy for me. That was my friend.

The concert lasted three hours. There were performances and tributes and testimonials from a generation-spanning range of celebrities and collaborators. But it was Miller, seen smiling in behind-the-scenes videos spanning his entire career, that provided the brightest light.

And, as the night drew to a close, there he was, in a simple clip likely shot on his smartphone, seated at a piano by himself, singing an unreleased song. The crowd was silent, enraptured. They did care, still do and always will. Mac Miller at home in July Flooding occurring or imminent across portions of the Middle Mississippi Valley and the Southern Plains. High significant wave heights for coastal portions of the southern Alaska Panhandle, Sat, Nov 3. Latest On Yutu. Yutu currently has sustained winds of 80 mph and was moving to the west at 17 mph.

Yutu Path. While the storm is expected to restrengthen some over the next couple days, quick weakening is expected toward the weekend as it approaches China and Taiwan. At the moment, the center of Yutu looks to pass east of Hong Kong. However, Oscar will continue to add to the Accumulated Cyclone Energy this season, which is already running at the most active on record for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific combined. Interestingly, things can still be fairly active through October, but we really see a drop in action as we approach November.

Did you know that lightning ranks as one of the top weather related killers in the U. Note that we will initially start off on a warmer note across much of the southern and Eastern US, but a large blob of much cooler than average temps will settle in across the Central and Eastern US and we head through the week ahead.

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Max and Mo's Halloween Surprise (Ready-to-Read Series: Level 1)

First, some background. Scientists have spent decades painstakingly studying every waterway in the United States to determine how vulnerable the surrounding land is to flooding when heavy rain falls. Many other areas, however, would only see flooding in a catastrophic rainfall event, and maybe not even then. Much of the way we think about flooding these days is shaped by flood insurance policies. As many homeowners know, flooding is not covered by standard homeowners insurance.

Insurance companies decided in the s and s that it was simply too costly to cover flood damages as part of their regular policies. Most jackets come with size requirements based on the back length and chest measurements of your dog, in addition to their weight. While dog jackets are constructed in many different designs, the warmest ones for cold weather will be made with a durable outer material like polyester to protect against the elements and stuffed with polyfill or lined with fleece for added warmth.

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L'Officiel Baltics

The aircraft was delivered to Lion Air on 13 August , just over two months ago and entered service with the airline on 18 August. Which is to say, The Keep is something of a confusing mess and it's up to Tangerine Dream's expanding, stretchy electronica to hold the thing together.

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Highlights include the mildly militaristic main theme, the Manuel Gottsching-meets- Miami Vice "Dreamscape" and the full vocoder rumbles of "Talisman. Goblin had previously scored Dario Argento's Deep Red and Suspiria , splitting the difference between over-the-top prog and atmospheric instrumentals, but here three Goblin members — Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli and Massimo Morante — deliver dead-eyed Italo-disco. It's like earlier Goblin given a Todd Terje edit so it can groove and bump endlessly, matching Argento's extended, ostentatious setpieces.

Fred Myrow and Malcom Seagrave, both classically trained composers and rock music fans, combined their collective influences for a slow, sinister version of prog bombast. Based mostly around that memorable eight-note theme, their battery of organ, piano, Mellotron, clavinet and synths ran the gamut between moody rock, church organ, drone and noisy atmosphere where director Don Coscarelli says they were, "employing almost the entire percussion section" to get an array of scrapes and booms.

Master of the moody, gore-filled Italian giallo, Lucio Fulci pivoted from westerns and farcical comedies to make some of the grimmest horror films of the Seventies and Eighties: The Beyond reigns one of horror's bleakest. The story of a portal to hell creaking open underneath a New Orleans hotel is full of face-melting, eye-gouging gore that's offset by the score of frequent collaborator Fabio Frizzi. Frizzi's dramatic cues teeter on the ludicrous, full of Mellotron lines, choirs and unseen forces.

It's a crazy mix of rubbery bass, flutes and prog-orchestral ominousness, but as the film nears its grim end, Frizzi's score also darkens, growing heavy, underlining the inescapable fate of the characters. When I started writing music some years before, I had learned to combine these two sounds; but for many reasons, the roles of strings and wind instruments were mainly created by keyboards.

This time I decided to get serious. Lightning failed to strike twice when electronic-music trailblazer Wendy Carlos and her producer and collaborator Rachel Elkind reunited with director Stanley Kubrick after the success of A Clockwork Orange. Most of the music Carlos created, with Elkind credited as co-composer, went unused apart from the title theme a syrupy reworking of the traditional "Dies Irae" liturgical chant and a second cue, "Rocky Mountains.

The main theme of Rosemary's Baby would seem to be innocent enough — just some slowly loping strings or harpsichord and lovely la-la-la vocals sung by a young Mia Farrow. However, innocence is not in high supply in director Roman Polanski's breakout hit. The music was scored by Krzysztof Komeda, a Polish compatriot of Polanski's who made his name as a progressive mind in Eastern European jazz.

Some of that is evident in Rosemary's Baby , including in the lilting saxophone ballad "Making Love in the Apartment," but subtle otherworldliness is the main register as Komeda mixes styles with wild imagination and control. While director Werner Herzog would later go on to seek out the horror inherent in nature and the human condition, in he recast F.

Max & Mo's Halloween Surprise

Murnau's Expressionist vampire classic as Nosferatu the Vampyre , featuring the manic Klaus Kinski as the rat-toothed blood ghoul. Some of the film's shot are explicit homages to Murnau, but the film's score is a distinct break. For horror soundtrack fans, Nosferatu is atypical: garlands of acoustic guitar, sitar and Fricke's piano make for a cyclical, meditative piece that anticipates their move towards new-age placidness by the end of the decade. As a study in contrasts though, it is classic, a beautiful tracing around Kinski's grotesque vampire that provides sympathy and pathos for the most monstrous.

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With his intense sci-fi flick about researchers in Alaska succumbing to parasitic alien DNA, director John Carpenter broke from the tradition of scoring his own films. To capture the paranoia the researchers felt, he hired one of his heroes to pen the score: king of spaghetti westerns and giallo veteran Ennio Morricone. The main theme, "Humanity Part 1 ," begins with understated swelling strings and horns playing melodies that swoop upwards, adding to the anxiety.

Elsewhere in the score, sweet melodies play against discordant chords, violinists pluck their instruments chaotically and more than a few progress from sparkly quiet notes into spooky, funereal sounds.

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Morricone, who later won an Oscar for his music for The Hateful Eight by repurposing leftovers from The Thing , told Rolling Stone that Carpenter had played him the film but left before they could discuss it so he had to figure it out himself. Carpenter has said the one thing he did ask for was "fewer notes," and it's that minimalism and the slow-moving tension that made both the soundtrack and its effect on the film masterful. The dreamy, lazily romantic orchestral swoon of Italian composer Riz Ortolani plays in sharp contrast to the ludicrously bloody Cannibal Holocaust , a film that made waves for its "found footage" look in the pre- Cloverfield Eighties.

It wasn't the first time Ortolani's used the trick — director Ruggero Deodato loved how his songs anchored the "mondo" shock docs of the Sixties — but Cannibal Holocaust 's merciless gore, mistaken by Italian authorities for film of actual murder , made the juxtaposition one of the most unsettling in horror history. There's also no shortage of porno-funk, sinister synth pulses and errant pounding here — but the bittersweet beauty of orchestral swells and acoustic guitar remain the most iconic part. Before filmmaker Dario Argento began work on Suspiria , his nightmarish and gory portrayal of a dance school that is hiding a sinister secret, he needed music that would set the mood.

He'd previously worked with Italian prog-rockers on Profondo Rosso , so he read them his Suspiria script and gave them three months to write a soundtrack that would make the film's witchy theme linger with audiences and could be utilized on set to establish the tone of the film. They experimented with instruments atypical of soundtracks at the time — tabla, bouzouki, Moog synthesizer — and came up with the movie's iconic, chilling music-box—like main theme, as well as tense exercises in rhythm, dissonance and bizarre funky prog, before ending on the original LP with its creepy "Death Valzer.

You can trace synthesizer sophistication in the early Eighties by how John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's Halloween themes changed with each sequel. For 's Halloween II , the iconic theme got baroque with a little bit more synth-pop, and for 's Halloween III: Season of the Witch , the theme is a screwed smear of dread that doesn't even touch on the original's famous melody.

It's fitting for an installment that doesn't feature Michael Myers and was originally penned by sci-fi fatalist Nigel Kneale writer of Quatermass and The Stone Tape, a horror movie all about acoustics involving Celtic rituals, Stonehenge and space. Other tracks similarly reimagine Carpenter and Howarth's sparse style: rushes of electronic noise on "Starker and Marge"; metal-on-metal murmuring on "Robots at the Factory"; and ambient burps on "The Rock.

He co-wrote the script, directed the actors and wrote one of the most chilling, minimal scores in all of horror. It keeps you in suspense.