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You did not disappoint! I love catching up with the brothers. Swanny MUST have his own book. I just know it! Keep up the good work. Love this book! You are an incredible writer. So glad there will be more books. I love this series. Hi Maya, I too have just read the kgi book 4 an it was awesome indeed.

I am looking forward to Donovan story. Nathan story really touch my heart an made believe in good ole fashion romance again. Just finished book 4…loved it, of course. Keep up the great writing and looking forward to your next Sweet Addiction series as well! Whispers at Dark was fabulous!!! The connection between nathan. I sooo need Vans story!!! You are my favorite! Joe should get his own book and it should be with Rusty.

Cant wait until the next book. I feel I should step in before rumors get started lol. Sorry, got it mixed up, because you are publishing that book with her! Love both you novels though;-. Nathan and Shea have me waiting anxiously for Rio and Grace. I love all of your books, but the KGI Series are definitely my favorite. OMG Keep going! I even sneak some reading time at work. Keep it up! This is just one of the series I love from you. And I am wondering if you are going to write a book with Rusty and Sean as main characters? To see wich brother she ends up with. How about Rusty joining KGI?!

By the way: the sneak peek of Sweet Addiction was hot!!! Great Books will be looking forward to reading all the Books in this KGI series,just finished reading Whispers at dark could not put it down…. You have become one of my most favorite authors…Thank you. Stayed up most of the night to finish reading Whisper in the Dark! It was an amazing book absolutely loved it. I am so glad to hear that you are going to write about the team members also.

I agree with most other who have posted Donovan needs someone very strong to keep his interest. The books cannot come out fast enough if you ask me. Thanks for the wonderful stories you give us, love your writing! I love the series and the story evolving around Shea and Grace. Now Icahn wait to read the next book. Please thing about releasing the a electronic version as soon as is ready! Excited for books 5 and 6, especially 6! I love,love,the KGI series. I just finished the4th book and I cannot wait for the next one!!!

I also read the Mc Cabe trilogy and loved that series just as well. I read a lot of books by several authors and Maya Banks is now my favorite!!!

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Thank you for your wonderful stories and please keep writing:. I just finished Whispers in the Dark and it was an awesome read. I read it in two sittings. Started it on Friday and finished it today at 3am west coast time. Although I need to get some sleep, I just had to take the time to let you know I really enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen between Grace and Rio. Your books are always fantastic reads.

Thank you for keeping me entertained. Thank you for the awesome books look forward to reading more. I just finished Whispers, and it was beautiful. Loved the storyline, loved how Nathan and Shea interacted. It was emotionally satisfying how you ended the story. Just have enough to give background.


Excellent work. I look forward to all the KGI books, wish they came out faster. Thank you. I just read your sneak peak to Sweet Addiction……oh my god I cannot wait. When I was reading the part where Rio volunteered to go after Grace….. Just shows what a amazing writer you are when even the little things can mean or have a effect on your readers. My legs are all fidgety and anxious waiting for your next books…hahahaha. Also, so where exactly can we find guys like this?

Circling Back

What is not to love?! And they laugh! I want one! Blog Archive By now you guys know of course that the 4th KGI book, Whispers at Dark, featured the youngest Kelly brother, Nathan, and that Echoes at Dawn, the 5th book in the series, will feature Rio, one of the team leaders and will release July So here is the official announcement for the 6th book in the series, Shades of Gray, which will release in Jan : Shades of Gray will feature Cole and P.

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50 Must-Read Gay Romance Novels

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Paula says:. Stephanie A says:. Mary says:. Ellie says:. Considering known information about the audience of romance novels, the reluctance of the traditional publishers is understandable. However, this logic creates a self-fulfilling prophecy in which, should the interest exist within the known romance audience, it would go unnoticed and unsupplied, driving those consumers once-again to the standard heterosexual romance novels or alienating potential consumers from the genre. It is also interesting to note that the sexual orientation of the readers surveyed was not investigated.

Without this information, it is more difficult to judge whether or not there is a potential target audience within existing readers. Even contemporary fiction remains difficult. Within fanfiction, it is easier for authors to undermine or completely ignore the existence of stigma and to place the focus of the story on the love story, rather than on the stigma itself. Fortunately, the rise of technology has allowed for the dissemination of this subgenre, but only within audiences who already know where to look.

According to Catherine Tosenberger in her discussion of Harry Potter slash fiction, the rise of Internet access means that writers have access to a wider audience than they might within brick-and-mortar bookstores that often do not have large selections of LGBT romance due to its low readership Within fanfiction, readers also have more opportunities to request any stories that they themselves might be interested in reading.

One of the disadvantages of fanfiction, however, is that, as its title implies, it must operate within the universe established by the creators of the original work. Fanfiction writers are often forced to impose their own interpretations and ideas on these works. This can cause discord within the fandom, as slash readers are often said to be twisting or rewriting the canon of the original work Tosenberger A transition from the mechanical to the emotional defines this progression from the narrow scope of sex to the broader range of love and romance.

Courtney Milan sums up the apparent conflict between what the romance community accepts as legitimate and what it dismisses as intolerable:. You can write about aliens from another planet that has tentacles or barbed sexual organs. You can write degrading rapes. No — when it comes to same-sex romance, the fact that they might be able to identify judges in their chapter or outside of it who would be willing to read same-sex entries and judge them fairly somehow becomes irrelevant.

This divide has caused many to question whether women can write authentic gay male romance. There are some women writers such as Erastes and Alex Beecroft, who sexually identify as gay men. In fact, Beecroft is married to a man and a mother of two kids. Women have dominated authorship in this subgenre for years; however, the issue that remains is whether straight women can write authentic gay relationships. In suggesting that men can simply turn their same-sex attraction on and off, authors who rely on the gay-for-you device unknowingly play into the belief that homosexuality is a choice.

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In recent years, the rise of the eBook has also allowed for the expansion of the romance market beyond the scope of traditional publishing. Though traditional publishers exist within the realm of e-publishing, as well, the increased options for self-publishing have opened doors for writers who find themselves drawn to genres that might not be popular choices of traditional publishing houses. It cannot be overlooked, however, that heterosexual romance novels also include sex scenes, many of them explicitly written.

Furthermore, the subgenre continues to try and define itself based on its authorship and the authenticity of women authors. Sarhaan, the alpha male, embodies the masculine traits; whereas, the beta male, Caleb, is young, svelte, and feminine. Furthermore, these reinterpretations make it even harder for gay male writers to become successful within this subgenre. As Fessenden mentions in his blog:.