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Motives Influence Actions

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The things we are required to do are challenging.

Discover God's Grace

But they are worth the effort. That law, however, will be divinely influenced to our advantage by our loving and caring Heavenly Father. We are promised uplifting sunshine and nourishing rain in times of slower growth or serious setbacks, if only we stretch out our hand, mind, and heart to receive renewing energy and strength through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Repentance is the handle and forgiveness is the window that will open up the heavens so we may receive nourishing rain and uplifting sunshine.

Always remember to walk tall, for you are sons and daughters of God.

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Your lives will be fruitful and you can overcome any fear or doubt if you only have the right motives, which will give you the power to stay on the road to true achievement. You can do it! Let me share with you a personal experience. We had fled from Czechoslovakia before the Russian front and lost everything during this terrible war. In the town of Zwickau, East Germany, my family learned about the restored gospel and joined the Church.

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At that time I was only six years old and the youngest of four children. The Church made an indescribable difference in our then very difficult lives. Even in these trying times, with extreme financial hardship, we were a happy family because of the Church.


Grace For Eternity Church – Discover the Grace of God

Later, as a year-old boy, I attended fourth grade and had to learn Russian as my first foreign language. Initially it was quite difficult because of the Cyrillic alphabet, but as time went on I seemed to manage all right. When I turned 11, we had to leave East Germany overnight because of the political orientation of my father. He was perceived as a dissenter by the Communist government, and his life was endangered.

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We were refugees again and had lost everything for the second time. Now I was going to school in West Germany, and the Russian language was not appreciated there at all. We were in the American-occupied part of Germany, and in school I had to learn English. Somehow I could not learn it.

And you waited for eternity

To learn Russian was difficult, but English was impossible. I even thought my mouth was not made for speaking English. My teachers had a hard time. My parents were desperate. And I knew English was not my language. At this time, my dream in life was to become a pilot.

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  • Almost daily I rode my bicycle to the airport. I could picture myself in the cockpit of an airliner or even in a military jet fighter. This was definitely my thing! I eventually learned that to become a pilot, I needed to speak English. Suddenly, the resisting condition of my mouth changed. I was able to learn the language. Because of a strong motive! Our motives and thoughts ultimately influence our actions. From young Joseph Smith we can also learn that the right motive was crucial for the success of his mission. Our own prospects for eternal advancement are closely influenced by learning to put in the center of our motives a very personal testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.

    Joseph Fielding Smith [], How did the young Prophet Joseph Smith arrive at his strong testimony? How did he manage this great transition from a farm boy to a prophet of the Lord, to a civic leader, to a man of God? He was a teenager when he studied the scriptures. During this time a multitude of unanswered questions arose. He wondered, he pondered, he asked, and he received answers. Build your testimony the same way: Study the scriptures, increase your knowledge of the gospel, search for answers in the scriptures.

    If you have doubts or fears, invest the time and energy to find the answers in the scriptures and in the written words of our prophets. Contemplate, meditate, ponder, and pray. Go to our Heavenly Father in prayer; communicate with Him daily. Draw close to Him, and He will draw close to you. Ask about your studies of the scriptures, about your feelings and your questions, and He will answer.

    He is waiting, He is real, and He is there. Every day I find how little I know, but I do not feel discouraged since God has given me an eternity in which to learn more. He tried equally to avoid thinking about his wife, and about Natasha and Prince Andrew; and again everything seemed to him insignificant in comparison with eternity ; again the question: for what? Would she spend eternity like this, doomed to knowing only the dark secrets of those around her? The best she could hope for was eternity on this table, alone, knowing what she'd done to humanity's defender.

    The thought of an eternity with someone incapable of caring for her was a nightmare beyond those she had already lived. Even if slow, her death would spare her an eternity at the hands of a demon with insatiable bloodlust. Finally, after what felt like an eternity lost in his fury, a dagger sliced his forearm. He was so calm, as if they were negotiating over a car and not eternity together. He paused for a moment before continuing, Elisabeth, I used to believe living an eternity would be more than I could endure.

    What could be more important than being able to spend eternity with her? Deidre knew that look, the one that said that Harmony was staring down an eternity of demon mercy. You will find him and bring the vial or the girl to me, or I will spend eternity tormenting you! Her tortured thoughts went to the thousands of men, killed by the only family she'd known, whose souls were trapped for eternity beneath the ground. It was a time of great tumult, and the gateway between the two realms was sealed away for eternity , he explained.

    Say anything to anyone else, and you'll spend eternity in the greatest agony I can create. She looked down, both thrilled by the idea of an eternity with the man who made her feel whole and horrified at what her father told her.

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