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It's about a little boy who has a blanket that he carries absolutely everywhere. It begins to fall apart and so his grandpa turns it into something smaller than a blanket and it keeps falling apart so the grandpa turns it into something else and it continues to wear out so in the very end the grandpa turns it into a handkerchief for the little boy.

I have been looking for this book for years so if anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly! My sister and I loved this book when we were little and cannot think of the name. It was illustrated and was about a little girl who had seven different outfits, and stained each one every day with different things. One day it was pink ice cream, another day it was grass stains. Please help :. I am looking for a chapter book for children with different stories. Had a hardfront cover pink and I think a castle on the front. The first story was about two little kids who would pretend to see different things.

They liked to pretend and make stories up about people that walked by. Looking for a short chapter book that I read in late 80's was about a poor brother and sister, I remember it being a dark story with a cover of girl looking sad under bridge or underpass or something. Was my favorite book for a very long time.

I used to read this book to my boys in the late 80s and would like to know what it is. Looking for a book that my grandma used to read to me in the early 90's. The only two phrases i can remember from it are: Billy goat billy goat cant but me, because i stand behind a tree! Bossy eats grass and swishes her tail, and drinks her milk from a shiny blue pail! I think it was a hardcover book that was pretty big.

Any ideas or help finding the name of this book would be greatly appreciated!!! Do anyone remember an grammar book that had a bunch of kids of various races, but two of the kids were black and there names were Debbie and Van. I think they were brother and sister.

I live in southern Louisiana One important fact for your search: Readers were issued for particular states or regions, so, for instance, a Wisconsin Bobbs Merrill edition might have a different racial mix from a Louisiana one. Good luck, write back if this doesn't help, Suzanne. I'm looking for a book, I'm not sure what it's called or who it's written by, but I remember there was a girl and she was kinda big and she had a pet anteater and she had a friend who used to wear a baseball uniform. The drawing style was odd and I believe it was pastel colors.

These books mean alot to me and I would love to find them!! I remember reading this book when I was a kid. I remember the pictures being very colorful, with somewhat thick black outlines; they resembled stained glass. In the first story, the nightingale gets a thorn stuck in her foot, and asks a barber for help. The barber won't help her, for some reason I think that he may have said that he was too busy, but I'm not sure , and the nightingale, angered by his selfishness, asks the rajah to help her get the better of him, but he won't I remember the rajah being rather large and fat; he had a black mustache and wore a pinkish-purple suit and a turban of the same color.

The nightingale then asks a mouse to nibble a hole in the rajah's belly, but he won't, then she asks a tiger to catch the mouse, but he won't. I don't remember all of what happened next, but she basically asks several other people to help but they won't, and she somehow finally convinces everyone to help her, resulting in such things as the mouse saying, "I will nibble a hole in the rajah's belly", and the rajah agreeing to get back at the barber et al.

The barber begs for mercy, and finally helps the nightingale get the thorn out of her foot. The second story I regrettably only have a vague memory of, but the nightingale was I think playing various pranks on the rajah I don't remember the reason why, but he might have given her trouble earlier , such as tricking a frog into his food, with predictable end results. I remember a picture of the rajah raging over all of the things that kept happening. Needless to say, things are rectified between the two of them when all is said and done.

I'm looking for a children's book my mom used to read to me. It contained short stories and had tools to learn how to count. The book was light purple and was probably 12" x 9" in size. I remember the counting activity used different things to help memorization also. I remember one number had fish another was drums and there were kings. All the things had names. Example for the fish is: Fishy, dishy, pishy and squishy. The drums were something like: drum little, tum little.

The kings were: kingy, clingy, ringy, dingy One of the short stories was about lightening bugs. There was also a short story about Lady Bugs.

Monsters Love Underpants - Read by Chris Parsons

I was born in and I remember my mom reading it when I was in kindergarten that would have been in "86". Please help! I have searched forever and can't find this book anywhere. Im looking for a book I was given when I was in primary school, this would have been roughly What I remember of the book was a teddy bear was abandoned at a dump.

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He was found by a little girl one night who took him to her grannies and she fixed him up. The story continues with the teddy finding a number of new homes, one of these being with a large family. A bit I remember was of one of the young boys on the family having a competition with one of his friends to see who could urinate the highest up a wall.

The teddy is left alone in a room with other toys when the family go on holiday to I think the seaside. Another bit I can roughly remember is the bear in some kind of shop where he is left on a high shelf, doubtful that he'll ever find a new owner. I could be completely off with that. Hope someone can help.

Someone turns up at a small village perhaps in Switzerland? I don't remember them being very happy about going and I believe the children were in their early teens, because I think there was a mild hint at future romance. I would guess that the book was written in the 80s but it may have been a bit earlier or later no later than I first encountered the story on cassette tape at my local library in the UK.

I think it was set sometime between and - any help finding the book would be wonderful and very much appreciated. I had a book once, ten years plus ago, that I am trying to find again. It was a collection of children's stories with every page illustrated. Some stories included a surprise birthday party one kid planned for another, a story about witches maybe bones , a story about a boy who goes under the sea with an old man to a hidden cave and finds treasures collected over the years.

I have been unable to find this book! The book I'm looking for is a book with mostly pictures and some writing, probably published between It's about a boy who falls asleep in his bed, and his dream is of him going into the woods or a forest, but he gets there by flying on his bed, which then turns into a leaf.

A lot of the pictures resemble MC Escher pictures, shapes turning into something different but all connected. Thanks for your help! Hey, when I was in class sixth i found a book in my school library that had no cover. I began reading it though could only read it till the third or fourth page and realized that it was a horror story. It started with a a very disturbing nightmare that ended with the ringing of the alarm when the protagonist wakes up.

The girl who was about to attend the first day of her new school. The girl was a teenager and i don't remember her name. Then, her mom drops her off to school and she does not get a very good feeling about what she is going to do. This is where I read the story till. And i think that the name of the story had the word 'disaster' in it, if i'm not wrong.

I know this information is not enough but it would be of great help if you could help me find the name of this book because i have been waiting ever since to read it. I believe it won an award, but I may be mistaken, and I believe it was written fairly recently at least within the latter half of the previous century or in this century. The edition I had was a fairly modern publication, the front cover depicted a red girl painted in watercolour and some blue shadow-monsters behind and above her. The plot was about a girl, orphaned or so she thought who had always had her hair cut short at the orphanage where she used to live.

Through this she discovers her clumsiness was due to her hair being cut short, and that she can see in the dark when it's long. I am looking for a book my mother read to me when I was young at least 30 years ago. It was given to her by my grandfather and it had a collection of short stories and fable type stories. I can barely remember the book except that it was supposedly for kids but too much for us to read to ourselves, it was ofa blue green dark color and I think the title was in a gold or silver, it was old then so probably from the 50's ro 60's my mother was born early fifties.

One word that sticks out is 'oblong' or 'oolong'and 'blue' there were other things like king andi thinkthe oblong was not hard i texture for aome reason and there was trickery involed, there were other stories as well not all seemed dark If there was illustrations they were pencil type of pictures and not kid style of pics with colors. It was maybe in thick. For collections of stories, go to Loganberry Books' Anthology Finder at www.

The page has photos of over 40 of the most-sought anthologies, with brief descriptions of contents. Study the page, and you may spot the book you're looking for. Looking for a book from the early 's - might be a Golden Book or Wonder book, that had little flaps that you open to see the pictures behind, i. I am trying to find two books that I read back in the 60s. The first book had to do with a child wanted her mother to get a new stove for the kitchen.

I cant remember if it was for Christmas or a birthday. I thought the name of the book was "The Nickel Plated Stove". The second book was about a girl and her siblings were out in the snow and I think they were trying to get home. But I think there was riding in a buggy, carriage or wagon when it turned over. To keep the others safe she laid over them and told the children to keep moving their hand and legs to stay warm.

Eventually the children were found, but the older girl had froze to death. They erected a statue in her honor. Kids in Washington State order their mother a new stove for the kitchen. The second one My Father is looking for a book he read in the early 's.


I am truly hoping someone can help me find this book, my father cannot find it anywhere and none of the search engines get me anywhere close to finding it. Thank You.

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  • It was just published on the iPad app, Storypanda Books. My students LOVE it! This is a great list! Though you are missing one very important one, Monster Needs a Costume! But be sure to check out Monster Needs to Sleep in April.

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    My son loves them! Never knew there were so many monster books out there! Thank you and thanks for all the additional comments with resources! Read the full post with reviews of each book here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    Go Away, Big Green Monster! Through the use of die-cut pages, a scary monster is created page by page. This great interactive approach gives children control of the monster and hopefully helps them to understand and control their own fears. The illustrations are so perfect for Halloween. It was a look inside Monster Town that was supposed to feel like a insider look but It felt like an introduction to a really good story, but we never got the story. They will eat wheels and tractors, they will not eat broccoli. It was fun way of opening up a talk about what foods we like and why trying new things is a good thing.

    Hazel is a horrible monster but all her family is so busy oohing and awing about how horrid her baby brother is no one notices her. This is a cute story about siblings but these siblings are competing to be the very worst monster! Cute book! His attempts to scare people only elicits giggles. Then Leonardo has a idea. Now he has a new idea, instead of being a terrible monster he will be a wonderful friend. This is another wonderful tale by Mo Willems.

    9 Funny Children’s Books Starring Silly, Lovable Monsters

    The large book format allows for great use of space around his images and words. Mo Willems has the ability to write wonderful children stories that entertain both children and adults alike. This post contains affiliate links. Tiger vs. By Emily Tetri. First Second. By Marc Tyler Nobleman. The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle. By Leslie Connor. In this poignant and powerful mystery, Mason, a seventh-grade boy who can barely read and write, finds a way to finally tell the truth about what happened the day his best friend died.

    The United States v. Jackie Robinson. By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen. Although he is well known for breaking the color barrier in baseball, Jackie Robinson went to court years earlier to integrate troops while serving in the U. By Chris Barton. Stirring words and vibrant collage illustrations showcase the commanding voice of congresswoman Barbara Jordan, who shaped the political arena and created a powerful legacy. By Michael Mahin. Bold, folk art—style illustrations and exhilarating language come together to convey the life of groundbreaking musician Carlos Santana.

    Amal Unbound. By Aisha Saeed. Unknowingly, Amal insults a corrupt but powerful man in her small Pakistani village. As retribution, he claims her as an indentured servant. Apollo 8: The Mission that Changed Everything. By Martin W. With riveting text and stunning archival photos capturing the excitement and danger, this compelling account of the Apollo 8 mission emphasizes the turning point of the space program. By Phillip Hoose. This is a comprehensive account of the people and the events involved in the first all-Black high school basketball team that confronted segregation in Indianapolis and won.

    Be Prepared. By Vera Brosgol. Brosgol comically recounts her experiences at a summer camp for Russian American kids in this graphic memoir. By Elizabeth Partridge. People who lived through the Vietnam War discuss its history and politics in this illuminating book featuring dramatic photographs and first-person accounts. Children of Blood and Bone. By Tomi Adeyemi.

    By Marc Favreau. This account of American life during the s covers the economic hardships and political changes of the period, as well as the lingering influences on America today. The Cruel Prince. By Holly Black. In this dark high fantasy, twin mortal girls are caught up in the political machinations of powerful, blood-thirsty Faeries.

    By Joyce Sidman. On pages featuring Merian's illustrations, this inviting volume demonstrates how her fascination with observing life cycles led her to create realistic and detailed drawings that changed scientific research. Sibert Medal Book. Ghost Boys.

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    By Jewell Parker Rhodes. This novel explores the issues of racial violence and police brutality from the viewpoint of Jerome, the ghost of a year-old black boy gunned down by a white police officer. Harbor Me. Six children learn the power of sharing their stories when their teacher assigns them to spend Fridays in a weekly conversation circle. By Jarrett J. Hurricane Child. By Kheryn Callender. As a hurricane approaches her Caribbean island home, year-old Caroline desperately searches for her mother in this story of abandonment, mysterious spirits, and a first crush.

    The Hyena Scientist. By Sy Montgomery. Montgomery profiles biologist Kay Holekamp at her research camp in Masai Mara, Kenya, where she studies the social structure, communication, biology, and habits of spotted hyenas. By Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. Determined preteen Ebo leaves his impoverished Nigerian village to follow his older siblings, all of whom have one dream: to make it to Europe, by any means possible.

    Top 100 Children’s Books

    By Ashley Herring Blake. As her family deals with the devastating aftermath of a tornado, Ivy loses a sketchbook in which she has drawn pictures that reveal her secret same-sex crushes. By Margarita Engle. Lifeboat By Susan Hood. Ken Sparks drifts at sea on a lifeboat with a group of passengers after the sinking of a ship carrying evacuated British children to Canada during WWII.

    By Diane Magras. Drest sets out on a medieval quest in the Scottish highlands to rescue her five brothers and father, who have been captured by a neighboring Lord. By Melba Pattillo Beals. The Night Diary. By Veera Hiranandani. Nowhere Boy. By Katherine Marsh. When Max finds Syrian refugee Ahmed hiding alone in his basement in Belgium, Max decides to help Ahmed by keeping him secret and safe. The Poet X. By Elizabeth Acevedo. The Prince and the Dressmaker.

    By Jen Wang. Prince Sebastian secretly likes to wear dresses and hires talented dressmaker Frances to transform him into fashionista Lady Crystallia in this graphic novel. By Kwame Alexander. Run for Your Life. By Silvana Gandolfi. In alternating voices, this Italian novel tells the story of two brothers separated by Mafia violence.

    Small Spaces. By Katherine Arden. Horror fans will appreciate this suspenseful tale of a field trip gone wrong, as year-old Ollie races against the clock to save herself and her classmates. By Gail Jarrow. This account of the infamous War of the Worlds radio show explores the key players and development of the broadcast as well as its aftermath.

    Sibert Honor Book. By Heather L. Endlessly entertaining, this is a scientific look into the world of roadkill and how it informs statistics, news, and environmental challenges. By Amy Hill Hearth. The little-known story of a young African American teacher, who was thrown off a streetcar in and won a court case against the railway company, comes to life in this account. By David Bowles. Cinco Puntos. By Torrey Maldonado. The Unwanted: Stories of the Syrian Refugees. By Don Brown. This graphic novel account of the Syrian refugee crisis examines both the horror and the hope of the world's response.